Time to Take a Dance Class

By Gail on
Gail taking class with Miranda Weese

It’s a paradox, but as a fitness and dance instructor, I don’t get many chances to take a class. When I teach a class, I’m focused on my students. Instead of perfecting my technique, I’m watching everyone in the class to give corrections. And I must make sure that I challenge and entertain you all.

When I do get to take a class, it’s my chance to focus on my body and revel in the joy of movement. So, why don’t I indulge in the guilty pleasure more often? The short answer is that I’m teaching so many classes that it’s hard to fit in one for myself. Usually the classes are offered when I am teaching. And when there is a time slot that I am available, physically feel like I just can’t do any more.

Last week was a rather busy one for me at the studio and by the weekend, I was pretty tired. But there was no way I was going to miss the Miranda Weese ballet class we held at Albany Dance & Fitness. Miranda, along with being a wonderful instructor was once a Principal Dancer with both New York City Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet.

It felt so good to be a part of the class instead of leading it. When Miranda demonstrated the first combination at the barre, I was mesmerized by her technique and the beauty of her movement. Then it hit me – I had to pay attention to what she was doing and learn the steps. In a short time I’d be required to do the same combination!

The class was challenging both mentally and physically, but I enjoyed every minute of it. There were a few bobbles here and there, but I got a chance to let go and dance! And I was able to pick up tips that helped me and that I can share with my students in the future.

I can’t wait for the Dance Alliance Dance +24 Festival on Sunday, April 6th. Miranda will be teaching a ballet class there which I plan on attending. Along with Miranda’s class, there are a variety of other classes that I want to try as well.

To free up my schedule for that day, I’ve moved my Sunday classes to Saturday, April 5th instead. I hope to see all my regulars on Saturday and maybe on Sunday at Dance +24 too.

Now all I’ll need is a massage and good bottle of wine to recover from all that dancing!


  1. So inspiring! Glad you got to be a student again! Some of us are just born to dance. Thanks to those, like you, who give us an opportunity to do what we must!!!

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