Connecting with Dance

By Gail on

The Dance Alliance is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization of choreographers, dancers, dance advocates, teachers, students, and lovers of dance. The Dance Alliance has sponsored dance programs and performances in the greater Capital District / Saratoga Region of New York for over 35 years. The organization collaborates with dance schools, area colleges, and performing arts organizations to encourage participation in and an appreciation for the art of dance.

I became involved in the Dance Alliance many years ago. It has helped me learn more about dance in the area and allowed me to connect with other dancers who share my interests. Back when I first joined, the best way to learn about local dance events was to read about them in the monthly Dance Alliance newsletter. This was the time before the Internet, Facebook, and Twitter. Even though it’s easier now to find out about dance in general, Dance Alliance still has a vital role in promoting dance in our area.

Every year the organization holds a dance festival called Dance+XX that offers a variety of classes for all ages and abilities. This year’s theme for Dance+26 is Dancing Through Time: A Hall of Fame Tribute. Each of the ten classes will be inspired by a dancer or choreographer that has been inducted into the National Museum of Dance Hall of Fame. I’ve attended the event many times over the years, and have always learned something new to share with my students. It’s also a wonderful social event that allows me to catch up with other teachers and dancers from the area.

The Dance Alliance also offers scholarships and grants to promote dance. The Pat & Sven Dance Scholarship, named for Dance Alliance founders Pat and Sven Peterson, is open to local dancers for summer dance study. Dance Project grants are available to local dance organizations and members to help fund projects that increase dance literacy and encourages dance activities.

Members can apply for these funding opportunities and may also purchase tickets at a discount for dance events. If you are a lover of dance or just want to support dance in the Capital Region, please consider becoming a member. It’s a great way to stay connected with dance right in your backyard!

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