Please join us for a class and see if you agree with what our students have to say:

I have never, ever, EVER taken a dance class before in my 65 years. Gail’s instruction is helpful accessible, encouraging, something for everyone including people with two left feet like me. ~ Wilma

You make experienced and beginner adult dance students feel welcome and help them to love dance as much as you do. Thank you for what you do! ~ Jeanne

I love your dance studio! Many studios ignore “adults” and it is difficult to find places that take us seriously. You provide wonderful opportunities for adults to take master classes with members of the NYCB:something that many other facilities don’t have open to adults. ~ Kristen G.

I love your classes. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful space that I can come with my daughter and dance. ~ Elizabeth


  1. I’ve always felt self-conscious in exercise classes. I don’t feel that way at Albany Dance and Fitness. Gail is always supportive and helpful. The studio is beautiful and adds the right touch of intimacy to the experience. Balletone has helped me get into shape after hip surgery – and feel better about myself in the process.

  2. Gail, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for allowing me to live a dream. I always wanted to take Ballet class, but was unable, till now. I was always encouraged to play sports, when I was younger, not Ballet. I have since learned that Ballet can be applied to Football, Basketball, etc. I find that Ballet is wonderful for balance, co-ordination and breathing. I find that this helps me with my COPD. My breathing will never be what it was, but it has helped me to improve somewhat with my breathing. Etta’s Wellness class on Wed. helps a great deal also. Thank you again for letting me into your Ballet class. I really enjoy it and have learned a lot, thanks to you. You and Etta are very Special ladies.

  3. Seated Pilates is an experience of which I was unaware, until I joined Albany Dance and Fitness. The workout provides an opportunity to work every part of your body without unnecessarily stressing bones and joints. Gail tassarotti is a patient and experienced teacher – making gentle suggestions to improve my positions. I learned to strengthen my core, stretch arm, leg, shoulder and neck muscles. I even learned the importance of working out your toes! I felt centered and strong after each workout. Gail suggested a reminder to ‘zip up’ my core while waiting at red lights. It is certainly a better way to spend that minute than texting! This is an ideal workout for a mid-daysession during the work day. You can return to your workplace with that ‘good’ knowing you did something good for your body and soul. Have fun!

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